Guy still on dating site

I don't have to 'prove' myself, like me as I am or don't date me, matters not, I don't need a leash to not cheat.i think that if you get into a "exclusive relationship" then i think its more respectful to delete your account or to not use it. I believe in a relationship both trust and distrust is earned. I mean, dating, casual relationship, yeah, I'll probably hang out (openly with an updated status and full disclosure to my partner) on the forums. Have him take down his profiles off every dating site and then have him fitted for a ball and freaking chain? I suggest your friend (etc) ask him if he's still looking or has forgotten about dating sites, before everyone jumps to conclusions. Just suggest to him he might want to delete his profile.But when things get more serious ..hell, I'm really hoping we can think of some more interesting things to do anyhow Not that this isn't fun, cool, and interesting, but yeah =) And I'm a big believer in what you pay attention to flourishes. I did delete my profile once for a guy with in two weeks I found out he hadn't and was still looking... because I enjoy the forums and all the friends I have met out here. If so then she has the right to suggest he hide his profile, not to delete it sorry. If he is a cheater it doesn't matter where he is, the library, the grocery store, the coffee shop, the football game. If he doesn't want to, well.your friend might have reason to doubt.The only way to know if he is dating other people is to ask him.

If he is going to cheat he is going to dating site or not.... Why even bother having a relationship if you plan to act exactly thesame way as you did when you were single? Ive never dated a forum poster and when things become exclusive, Id want to see us both close accounts and focus on real life.

If she is upset about it, why doesn't she talk to him and ask him about it?

It's better than nursing hurt feelings, and might clear up any misunderstanding about if they are exclusive or not.

She simply needs to talk to him, and first, see if they are exclusive..feelings do they have...they are tight, then she needs to talk about this with him.... I have profiles on 3 or 4 sites, I really should take them down because I never use them.

If he wants to stay on because of the forums, then he can list himself as still bothers her, then he can shut it down...he so chooses.4 sites ? Her choice to hide her profile without an exclusivity discussion.

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